Weston Park Cancer Charity

Where will the money go?

Weston Park Cancer Charity is working in partnership with the NHS to deliver huge improvements to inpatient facilities which will benefit thousands of cancer patients and their families each year. We are incredibly grateful to all donations towards our appeal which will help us improve the patient and visitor experience at Weston Park Hospital.

£5 will pay for an activity pack for young visitors to the hospital. Visiting a relative with cancer can be a difficult thing for a child, the activity packs help to make visiting time a more positive experience and contains activities the family can do together at the bedside helping families spend more quality time together.

£50 will mean that each of the 10,500 patients who will be treated on the wards at Weston Park Hospital over the next 3 years can be looked after in an enhanced, modern environment which goes ‘beyond the treatment’ to provide comfort and support to patients and their families when they need it most

£300 could pay for a specially commissioned piece of artwork to brighten up the clinical space, aid relaxation and help to create a warm welcoming environment.

£1,200 could pay for a small, comfortable, recliner chair for the bay rooms at Weston Park Hospital. These chairs are specially designed for patients who have limited mobility to transfer from their bed to a sitting position and provide additional comfort and support for the patient who would otherwise spend much of their time in bed.

£2,000 could pay for a large, comfortable fully reclining chair in the single rooms at Weston Park Hospital. Supporting a loved one who is being treated for cancer is an incredibly frightening and stressful experience. We want to do what we can to improve the comfort of visitors who can spend long periods of time at the bedside of a poorly relative, in some cases staying through the night, to be with their loved one.

£3,000 will cover the cost of comfort lighting for each of the patient rooms on the new wards, the state-of-the-art circadian lighting mirrors natural day and night rhythms and has been proven to facilitate sleep, allowing patients to get a much better night’s rest- in a recent patient survey over 50% of the patients asked reported difficulty with sleeping due to the current bright florescent lighting.

£5,000 will pay for an upgrade to the day room facility on the wards. The current day rooms are run down, tired, and have no entertainment facilities. We want to make sure that patients have a comfortable space to spend time with their visitors or alone where they can access entertainment facilities and relax in a space suited to their needs.

£10,000 will pay for furniture for an improved ‘Activity Hub’ at Weston Park Hospital. The Activity Hub provides a space away from the ward where patients can access books, magazines, DVD’s and portable DVD players and patient information in a warm welcoming environment.

£15,000 will pay the total cost for patient TVs on the hospital wards including a large Smart TVs for each of the day rooms. In the past patients have had to pay expensive charges to watch poor quality TV leaving lower income patients without access to any form of entertainment which provides a much needed distraction from the hospital environment. The smart TVs in the day room will also have internet capabilities to allow patients whose family may live some distance away to video call their loved ones.

£25,000 pays for the full cost of an Activity Coordinator for one year providing much needed enhancements to patient comfort, managing a patient lending library of books, magazines and DVDs, operating a trolley service on the inpatient wards giving patients access to refreshments and newspapers, proving a patient information service and valuable ‘headways’ service for ladies and gentlemen who have lost their hair as a result of their treatment.

£50,000 will pay for total cost of providing patient wi fi access at Weston Park Hospital, greatly improving patient communication and widening entertainment options. This will be a huge improvement to patient facilities preventing isolation and boredom during a hospital stay.